El Husky Siberiano

El husky siberiano como su propio nombre dice viene de la Siberia rusa, usado e indispensable desde la más remota antigüedad por las tribus esquimales en diferentes labores, transportar comida al poblado, pesos ligeros y pesos pesados, utilizando equipos de ellos, no por su velocidad y si por su resistencia, olfatear y rastrear con los cazadores….
Su origen se remonta al cruce de un chacal y un lobo ártico, de ahí y gracias a su meticulosa cría que llevo a cabo estas tribus conservan su carácter primitivo y su supervivencia…..
He aquí nuestro cometido, seguir con esta antigua tradición morfología (belleza del lobo) como el carácter primitivo de la raza: inteligencia, resistencia y supervivencia.

Color de ojos del Siberian Husky

Color de ojos del Siberian Husky

Color de capa del Siberian Husky

Color de capa del Siberian Husky

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      • I’ve definitely seen this in aitocn, well, all but the Siberian Choir part! When the Greyhounds meet other Greys, they are just so happy and excited. Morgan loves playing with other Shepherds and Greyhounds, too. They definitely know their own tribe!

    • This is true for our Siberians as well!! They barely awelocnkdge other dogs but if it’s another Siberian they are all for it. My daughter will find Siberian videos on youtube and they will come running from wherever they are in the house to watch the screen! It’s always fascinated me how they are drawn to their own breed p.s. We love following the Herd and we’re so glad that Frankie seems to be fitting right in. Kodiak must be very proud.

  1. OMG! i totally KNOW this! First off, Juno will CRY like a big baby when she sees a Northern Breed she wants to meet. other dogs, sure, she usullay wants to meet a lot of them. but Northern Breeds she usullay pulls my arm off for! crazy.and Loki, i don’t get it. but he’s ALWAYS been attracted to all GSDs, Belgian’s, Huskies and almost any pointy ear’d dog. he’s sadly not crazy about most labs or floppy ear’d dogs or dogs that look like beasts (big swiss mt dogs for example) there’s a GSD in our hood that will come out barking full out at us (she’s off lead and comes right up to us) and even I as a GSD lover and basically a good reader of their body language, can’t tell if this GSD is just alerting or being aggressive. Loki? totally goes Ga-ga and play bows her and flirts. meanwhile the VERY aggressive labs we pass he wants to seriously fight them. So i kinda think he’s partial to all pointy eared dogs. he certainly loves Huskies too, which is why we ended up with Juno in the first place. he played with huskies endlessly at the park. But ya, the Sibe thing Juno’s all over it when she sees one crazy!

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